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We work hard to make conferences better for everyone
We want to deliver best service for looking for speakers, managing call for papers and schedule building of any event size.
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We know conferences discovery and talk submissions processes are painful. We want to change that!
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We love conferences
We want you to focus on what matters. That's why we cover the rest.
Call for Papers
We made it easy for speakers to submit their talk proposals. And we help conferences manage submissions efficiently.
Connect with speakers
Easily find and connect with the right people for your conference. Search by past talks, experience, topics, location and more.
Let you program committee members work together or independently to perfectly tailor your conference line up
Landing pages
Create landing pages for your conference Call for Papers process.
Schedule builder
Forget about messing with spreadsheets. Create your schedule by simply dropping selected talks on the canvas. Then publish it wherever you want (PDF, HTML, PNG).
We are available for you and happy to help with any issue you may face.
We love communities
That's why we made our service free for your community event
Have up to 100 papers submitted
Select up to 30 speakers for your event
All other features included
And we love speakers too!
Discover conferences
Forget about googling with no luck. Easy to search conferences by topic, location, support package and more in one place.
One click submissions
Find the conference you like. Select a talk you wish to present. Make a click... And you're done. Easy!
Personal profile
Create your own online speaker identity with your talks, abstracts and slides. Share it with conferences you like.
Our mission is to help conferences and speakers connect to each other and make their talk submission experience frictionless.
Pricing plans
We are free for free events, and affordable for others
For events with zero admission cost
  • Up to 100 submissions
  • Up to 25 selected speakers
  • All other features included for free
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For large events
$499 / event
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Unlimited speakers
  • Dedicated support
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